How much do In-Person Courses cost? How many hours are they?

In-person course cost and educational hours

Our all-inclusive prices include tuition and registration, course materials, educational excursions including activities and transportation during class hours, as well as some meals if offered in that city.

In-person weekends range from $399-699 in price depending on location. For location-specific price details, please visit our Locations Page.

APW in-person courses provide the following educational hours:

  • 36 hours for 3-day single courses (equivalent to 3 credits)*
  • 60 or 72 hours for 4-day combo courses (equivalent to 6 credits)*
  • 72 hours for double weekend packages (equivalent to 6 credits)*

*Educational hours include class time, pre and post-assignments. Please contact your au pair agency regarding credits and hours as requirements may vary.

Save money by registering for two separate courses in the same city, offered as a DOUBLE WEEKEND package deal. Earn 72 educational hours (equivalent to 6 credits in two 3-Day weekends at an all-inclusive price ranging from $599 to $699 depending on the location.